Work Related FAQs

What is ASMCO?

ASMCO, established in 2001 as a family business, is dedicated to providing solutions in architecture, technology, and healthcare. Specializing in the production of plastic pipes and profiles, our mission is to address the unique challenges faced by our customers. We strive to deliver high-quality and innovative products, focusing on enhancing the functionality and efficiency of various industries.

How does ASMCO excel in customized solutions, DIE products, and innovative designs?

ASMCO specializes in manufacturing customized plastic profiles and pipes. Our unique approach allows us to tailor products according to specific customer requirements. Whether it's a customized design or a completely new product that is not readily available in the market, ASMCO thrives on innovation and supports initiatives like DIE products and new design creations. Our primary objective is to provide solutions that stand out in the market and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Can I have a sample order for any Products?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable. If the sample in new style, there will be mould charge exist.

Do you have a catalogue?

While we don't have a physical catalogue, we've created a Gallery Page that provides a catalogue-like experience. You can explore it for a comprehensive overview of our products, which might be helpful. At ASMCO, our primary focus is on innovating with new products, so we dedicate our efforts to staying at the forefront of industry advancements rather than concentrating on regular products.

Can you apply a protective film on the profile?

Yes, upon request, we can apply removable protective films on the profiles to protect them from impacts or scratches.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

It varies according to the type of profile, but generally for the products in stock, the MOQ is approximately 500 meters. For non-stock products, it depends on the profile types, and varies between 1000 and 5000 meters.

Are you able to manufacture a custom profile according to our drawing?

Yes, many profiles extruded by ASMCO are designed by our customers. In order to facilitate each project and reduce engineering lead times, our technical department is available for dimensional suggestions of the profiles, as well as the selection of the most suitable raw material. The tooling is also manufactured by our company.

What is a plastic extrusion?

The process of manufacturing a plastic extrusion consists of converting raw material into a specific shape by forcing the melted raw material through a die under controlled conditions. In broad terms, plastic extrusions are made by being continuously pushed out through a tool of the desired shape, such as an angle trim or flat edging strip. A plastic extrusion is sometimes referred to as a plastic profile or section.

Are you able to curve plastic profiles?

Yes, with apposite moulds we can curve profiles with predetermined shapes and radiuses.

What do we need to send you to request a quotation?

A drawing or sketch, a photo or a sample. Quantity requested, and raw material type (if known). Our engineers will subsequently contact you for additional information.

What materials can you extrude?

We can extrude these materials:

  • Rigid PVC
  • Flexible PVC
  • Transparent PVC
  • Food grade PVC
  • Nitrile PVC
  • ABS
  • Polypropylene

What is the longest length you can extrude?

There is no limit to the length that can be extruded. However for transportation reasons we extrude rigid material products up to 5 metres in length as part of a custom order which has a minimum value.

How to proceed an order?
Firstly- let us know your requirements or application. Send us the drawing or real sample.
Secondly- We quote according to your requirements or our suggestions.
Thirdly- customer confirms the samples and places deposit for formal order.
Fourthly- We arrange the production.